Top 6 Forex YouTube Channels

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Lets get right into it! If you are new to trading forex or looking to sharpen your trading skills, you must check out our top 6 Forex YouTube channels in 2020 and 2021.

Forex trading IS difficult but there are plenty of YouTube channels that you can learn from.

All of these Forex youtubers are established and have thousands of subscribers.

Our list consists of the best forex channels with links to their channels so you can check them out right then and there, plus we included a description of each and how many subscriber they have. While you are here, don’t forget forget to check out our 10 best forex broker reviews.

FYI we are NOT affiliated with any of the channels below, Enjoy!

Top Forex YouTube Channels List

  • Trading 212 ( 590k subscribers)
  • Top Traders ( 94k subscribers)
  • Karen Foo ( 101k subscribers)
  • ForexSignals TV ( 243k subscribers)
  • The Trading Channel ( 497k subscribers)
  • TraderNick ( 156k subscribers)



Joined YouTube: 28 Nov 2013

Trading 212 is a London based company that provides free apps that enable people to trade equities, currencies, commodities and more. They also operate a stock brokerage in the UK and Europe. They have one of the most popular mobile apps for trading and investing with over 14 million downloads. Though Trading 212 is not strictly focused on Forex, their channel is still very educational and useful to Forex trader from beginners to experts.

This channel feature videos on:

  • News and Tutorials
  • Indicators: Guides for Beginners
  • Forex Trading For Beginners
  • Weekly Trading Vlogs
  • Technical Analysis for Beginner


Joined YouTube: 1 Oct 2011

Top Traders was created by professional Forex trader Kleveland Bishop. The channel feature weekly Monday forecasts that he says are 82% accurate. The trading courses are well done and professional. The channel is becoming increasingly popular with almost 100,000 subscriber.

This channel feature videos on:

  • Live Forex Trading
  • Trader Tips
  • Forex Fundamental Analysis
  • Monday Market Breakdowns
  • Forex Keys


Joined YouTube: 23 Jun 201

Karen Foo is a well know forex trader from Singapore. Karen Foo in a motivational speaker on top of sharing tips on forex trading and investing to being to achieve your financial goals. Karen has been ranked number one in a national forex trading competition.

This channel feature videos on:

  • Forex Trading Tips
  • Trading Psychology
  • Motivational Speaking


Joined YouTube: 2 Oct 2014

ForexSignal TV is a community of traders worldwide, combined they have over 50 years of trading experience. They stream live every trading day, that cover the Asian, US and European trading sessions. ForexSignal TV has dozens of free content available on YouTube. Member of there service can access paid content and share trading ideas with other traders in their online community.

This channel feature videos on:

  • Forex Basics
  • Pro Trading Tips
  • Quick Forex Trading Lessons
  • Understanding Forex Trading Strategies


Joined YouTube: 24 Apr 2014

The trading channel is ran by the professional forex trader Steven Hart. Hes been a forex trader since 2011 and a trading couch since 2004. The channel has many free videos but also feature paid videos if you so choose. The channel does a good job explaining some complex trading indicators and strategies to beginners. The Trading Channel is well rounded for beginners and professionals.

This channel feature videos on:

  • Live Forex Trades
  • Forex Trading Tutorials
  • Lean Structure based Trading
  • New To Forex


Joined YouTube: 2 Oct 2014

TraderNick Channel features a trader named Nick. He identifies as a stock and forex market analyst. His video’s share the day in the life of his on trades, successes and his failures. He’s realistic when trading and completely transparent and tells the story that trading is not an easy place to make money. Nick also runs a business called A1 Trading where he host online trading communities for trader that are interest in sharing there experiences.

This channel feature videos on:

  • LIVE Forex Trading & Trade Breakdowns
  • Trading Tips, Tricks, & More
  • Top Trading Strategies & Methods
  • Life of a Forex Trader

Key points to remember:

  • Forex trading is not a get rich quick scheme.
  • Just because you watched some forex YouTube videos doesn’t instantly make you a pro trader.
  • Don’t get into the mind set that using high leverage will make you highly profitable.
  • Practice makes perfect, Practice first on a forex demo account before trading real money.
  • Open a demo account.
  • Again, practice.